Something Doesn't Fit, It's Time to Move On

When I first titled this blog, So Little Time, it was a time of good intentions and self-exploration.  I knew I wanted to write, and I wanted to write about making things.  I just wasn't sure what to focus my effort towards:  greeting cards, décor, garments, ect.   After three years of trial and error and a lot of crafting, about a year ago I finally made the commitment to solely document my sewing pursuits, mainly sewing clothing for myself.  As I began to transform the blog, the name started to wear on me.  So Little Time just didn't seem to be appropriate and became a flaw.  The name doesn't fit any more on many levels.  The biggest being, SEWING TAKES TIME!  So after much back and forth, I decided it was time for a new blog name.  Introducing,
While new posts will seize to exist at this blog address, content will continue at:

I really hope you follow me over to the new site. Please update your favorites list, bloglovin' account, other blog feeder or re-signup for email alerts.  I thank you for all your attention and encouragement while writing So Little Time.  If you have enjoyed my musing, I am sure you will continue to be inspired by the new site. 

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